Thirteen women sat in circle in the heart of Avalon...thirteen women sharing song

and sisterhood.


This time had been long in the making. There was a call: a call for women to come together and share their songs. Social media allowed us to join up, to bridge counties and countries and come together.


Many wonderful offerings were made and songs were chosen. A time was chosen and a Red Tent was planned in Glastonbury, Somerset. Fabrics adorned the space, an altar set and the red tent was created; the circle opened.


We gave thanks for the songs to come and to the women who had shared them and remembered the women that wanted to be with us but were unable to be there.

As the voices rose in harmony each song came into being. The women gave themselves fully as they sang, held in sacred space, witnessing themselves and each other in joy, in sadness and in all their vulnerability.


These songs are born of women.

Each new song has been generously donated by its keeper, whilst we've included some traditional songs so that the power of the old is with us too. They are here for you to share in your Red Tents, Women’s Gatherings or just to sing when you need them.


We hope that you feel the energy of each tune as we did and enjoy this as a resource for healing, connecting and sharing as women.

Supporting Women Centred Projects



Bringing Song + Celebration to Red Tent

In the spirit of empowerment and solidarity the proceeds from album sales will be donated to women centred projects locally and globally

Joining our voices in celebration of Life and the Divine Feminine

Lifting prayers of love, grief, light and dark



Our sacred intent...

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