By thirteen women, Mar 27 2017 07:00AM

I wrote the chant 'Fire in Our Blood' especially for the Red Tent Charity SongBook and CD . I wanted offer a song directly related to the sacredness of the moonblood , also known in esoteric terms as Starfire . Whenever I intend to receive a new chant , I always bless my drum and open myself to what needs to come through ...then I start drumming and listening , until a melody or a verse appears , and usually the bare bones of a chant is formulated . It is a very organic process and this is how Fire In Our Blood was born into being

By thirteen women, Mar 25 2017 08:00AM

This chant came through as I was invited to sing an opening chant in a Medicine Circle at the end of a long weekend spent in nature in the late Spring.

The smell of The Earth slowly drifted into the Tipi, the birds sang their dusk melodies and I tuned in to create a chant to open our circle.

I was sitting in the East, the place of Birth on The Medicine Wheel, by the tipi door, I felt a connection with nature and the All and Everything as I quieted my mind and relaxed my body and started to utter the first words. The wind kissed my face and I started to quietly sing the first words....the wind blows in from the east, blowing all around, brining in new energy, new energy and ground. Then the birds chirped in, and the words came..the birds fly in from the east, flying all around, brining in new energy, new energy and ground. Aho! wow, I felt energised and uplifted. Fresh and optimistic as the words vibrated through my body, amplified by the drum. And so the chant was born. I sang it to the group as a call and response and the melody emerged, aheya heya heya heya heya heya ho and we unite, in circle and opened our closing Ceremony.

I share this chant with you Sisters, as a way of opening circle, starting your day, welcoming the spring.... use it as you see fit. The song is an energy that wants to be expressed in this reality. It delights at being sung. It is a gift from Nature to reignite our true Nature. Aho.

By thirteen women, Mar 23 2017 08:00AM

I first heard this song at a drumming day. There were around 50 of us, all drumming together. Our host was leading some group singing and the first song was ‘Mother I feel you’.

She encouraged us all to get up and dance as we sang and we began, as people do, forming a circle and walking around to it.

As we sang and learned the words, we fell into rhythm. Our drum beats in unison filled the room and we began to move to the beat of our own drums and our own hearts.

I remember dropping so deeply into the song. Repeating the phrases as my feet connected with the land. I truly began to feel the mother under our feet and to echo her heart beat with my drum.

We sang for ages as each of us, together and individually, connected to the land

By thirteen women, Mar 21 2017 08:00AM

It was a powerful and heartfelt experience as we circled around Lizzie when she heard her own song for the first time sung by others. Her words remind us that we are not alone in the important work we do here in our beautiful world. We know that the ancestors walk with us, guiding and inspiring us on our soul filled paths. May we always honour our lineage, listen to our knowing and offer our loving respect to the Earth, our home in this life.

By thirteen women, Mar 19 2017 08:00AM

Red tent came into my life three years ago when a friend said I want a red tent.. I have no idea what it is but I know I need it.. we started to meet on a agreed date nearest to the dark moon. month by month we began to share our hopes dreams and story's it became a place of community, to me belonging, to be .. it was a place of deep rest, authentic truth and place to be held with love and non judgement practicing core council sharing and circle principles.. so many songs came through the red tent and many sacred and beautiful expressions of creativity, women sharing there song there life.. for me red tent was place to be me, to heard, valued and share community , exploring what is it to be a modern women, with an ancient calling.. so when we discussed the idea of the red tent song book project to offer the beauty of song in a simple way that women can remember and honouring the ancient call of song I was delighted to be feel so very privileged to apart of such a deeply touching and beautiful project. when I arrivng Glastonbury I loved the community we built between us 13 sisters and all the other sisters who have contributed before and to come after.. the love touched my heart deeply and though at first I had no songs to offer I felt strong words coming into my heart that I felt needed to be shared and was then translated through the power of the group into melody and channled into a song keepers of the flame.. there were so many highlights of that time co creating together.. such as singing borne of water in the white well together and the gift of this song still touches me.. I often given the gifts of channelling yet only if it is shared can it become to me a true teaching.. this project is a privilege to be apart of and may it bring love, joy, wisdom, community, beauty to all the women who hearts souls and wombs it touches and be a gift of contribution to the sacred feminine through out the world.. with love from my heart and womb to your keziah. xx

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