Chant to New Beginnings - Melanie Swan

By thirteen women, Mar 25 2017 08:00AM

This chant came through as I was invited to sing an opening chant in a Medicine Circle at the end of a long weekend spent in nature in the late Spring.

The smell of The Earth slowly drifted into the Tipi, the birds sang their dusk melodies and I tuned in to create a chant to open our circle.

I was sitting in the East, the place of Birth on The Medicine Wheel, by the tipi door, I felt a connection with nature and the All and Everything as I quieted my mind and relaxed my body and started to utter the first words. The wind kissed my face and I started to quietly sing the first words....the wind blows in from the east, blowing all around, brining in new energy, new energy and ground. Then the birds chirped in, and the words came..the birds fly in from the east, flying all around, brining in new energy, new energy and ground. Aho! wow, I felt energised and uplifted. Fresh and optimistic as the words vibrated through my body, amplified by the drum. And so the chant was born. I sang it to the group as a call and response and the melody emerged, aheya heya heya heya heya heya ho and we unite, in circle and opened our closing Ceremony.

I share this chant with you Sisters, as a way of opening circle, starting your day, welcoming the spring.... use it as you see fit. The song is an energy that wants to be expressed in this reality. It delights at being sung. It is a gift from Nature to reignite our true Nature. Aho.

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