Mother I Feel You - Traditional

By thirteen women, Mar 23 2017 08:00AM

I first heard this song at a drumming day. There were around 50 of us, all drumming together. Our host was leading some group singing and the first song was ‘Mother I feel you’.

She encouraged us all to get up and dance as we sang and we began, as people do, forming a circle and walking around to it.

As we sang and learned the words, we fell into rhythm. Our drum beats in unison filled the room and we began to move to the beat of our own drums and our own hearts.

I remember dropping so deeply into the song. Repeating the phrases as my feet connected with the land. I truly began to feel the mother under our feet and to echo her heart beat with my drum.

We sang for ages as each of us, together and individually, connected to the land

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