By thirteen women, Mar 17 2017 08:00AM

The "Darkness Cover Me" chant came to me as I was drummng my Dark Moon prayers of release from that month's challenges. I return my blood to the Earth every cycle and had been searching for a song to sing to connect me more fully with that experience of surrender, prayer and sharing my blood with the Earth, so I received the chant with deep gratitude.

The Dark Moon is a potent time for me, a time of either blood or ovulation (my cycle drifts with the changing years) and I feel Her richness deep in my bones - a time of deep surrender, of release, of connection to the Dark Mother. My hope is that this song brings you a taste of that rich, deep darkness from which we were all born and to where, one day, we will all return

By thirteen women, Mar 15 2017 08:00AM

At the beginning of 2015 I started a year long, women's healing apprenticeship in the North of England. During the course of the year I started to receive songs when I was out on the land. This was a very new thing for me, and I had to work really hard to keep the inner critic at bay.

One evening in early June 2015 I sat at the bottom of my garden with my drum, something I do often because there are 4 children in the house! It wasn't the warmest of evenings considering the time of year, but I could feel that something was trying to come through me, so waited it out.

I sat on the land, humming snatches of tune as they arrived, trying to find its beat and rhythm. The phrase 'the mother is calling' kept coming over and over. Gradually the song began to take shape.

It became clear that it was a story of all the ways She calls us to heal our world. She is calling us louder every day. Sing this song loudly and do your part to help Her heal.

By thirteen women, Mar 15 2017 08:00AM

The origins of this amazing undulating and fluid chant are unknown to us. It speaks of our continual ability to change and flow and yet remain whole. During our recording weekend we actually went to the sacred well at Glastonbury and sang it there - a really amazing experience. This version has three parts and is based on an arrangement by Amanda Tiffin. The parts seem to cascade down like a waterfall and surround you. Bathe in it!

By thirteen women, Mar 13 2017 08:00AM

We searched far and wide to find the orginal creator of this song, but no author could be found.

This chant brings an Impulse of wildness, freedom and trust. The sense of being supported in the grace of elemental flow and how when we align with the forces of nature, we are are fully witnessing and becoming ourselves. Sing to remember that, like Dorothy in her red shoes, you have the power to return home, within you always, whenever and wherever you find yourself.

By thirteen women, Mar 11 2017 08:00AM

I was living in London and attended a workshop introducing herbs/healing plants. It was in a basement room, with a busy road running by. Not a blade of grass to be seen nearby.

The friend running it, Fiona Shakeela Burns, a herbalist, had picked all the herbs she brought along from London parks. We made tea, creams, tinctures...and all from what most people consider to be weeds. So sitting there, surrounded by all these herbs, I began to sing this song, the magic of the earth is all around...

No matter where we are, nature is offering her beauty, power, magic and medicine.

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